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Turks & Caicos (2014)

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A great BBC Original spy thriller-drama with a cast so starry it’s hard to believe it’s only a telly production. Former MI5 agent Johnny/Tom Eliot (Bill Nighy) is trying to stay out of trouble on Turks & Caicos – a tropical tax haven – but fails miserably when he gets entangled in a CIA efforts lead by Curtis Pelissier (Christopher Walken) to catch some big-arse crooks. We’ve seen Nighy in many roles like this, but it’s hard to object as he does such a lovely job at being the well-mannered, understated and well-tailored Englishman.

When he fled from HM’s SS, he left behind the love of his life and also former spy Margot (Helena Bonham-Carter) – but his plight is bound to bring them back together. Meanwhile, Melanie (Winona Ryder) is in with the bad boys but the question is whether she wants to be. She’s all grown up, fragile, broken and seductive all at once. Back in the UK, Margot gets closer to Stirling Rogers (Rupert Graves, Sherlock) who is too rich and powerful not to be involved somehow, and also plays tennis with the PM, Alec Beasley (Ralph Fiennes), which gives rise to the question of his involvement in illegal financial thievery.

All the plots, schemes, power play and politics are made more interesting by the central notion of this story: humanity. Not once does this film degrade itself to plot-driven cops&robbers trickery. The island’s police force, Johnny, Margot and Johnny’s love, Melanie’s MO – they all boil down to a sense of ‘as long as there’s people like them in the world, we might be alright’.

Also, writer and director David Hare (The Reader, The Hours) made a film that blatantly says: tax havens are corrupt, dangerous, criminal snake-pits that use our tax payers’ money to enrich themselves and politicians involved. And it’s about time.

NB: No trailer available yet – here’s one for Original British Drama featuring some tasters.


Toast (2010)

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Toast is the only thing Nigel’s mum makes well. All other edibles come from tins as she’s a disastrous cook with a fresh food phobia. Nigel loves his mum all the same, but goes through his early years yearning for proper food  and an eagerness to learn how to cook.

This very well made coming-of-age story, based on real childhood memories (I won’t say whose, it’s more fun that way), slaps the viewer around a bit, making you happy one moment and intensely sad the next. They did an amazing job at finding two young actors to play the ten-year-old boy and the sixteen-year-old boy so well, hardly noticing the change of cast even though Nigel has a very outspoken character. Also, Helena Bonham Carter does a wonderful viscous slag of a stepmother.

I’ll say no more about this wonderful film. Enjoy it, and don’t watch on an empty stomach!

(trailer contains spoilers)