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The Escape Artist (2013)

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A modern three part justice/crime tale starring the effervescently great David Tennant as a star London barrister. He gets a complete psychopath off the hook for a murder charge and then  his life changes dramatically. I won’t spoil it – but I will say the plot has quite a classic twist, which works in its benefit.

Escape Artist is indeed well worth the watch because it is a story well made and told. But it’s not ground breaking or revolutionary in any sense and unfortunately, you’re likely to forget about it.

However much I appreciate the quality of these BBC drama series, it does make me wonder if our collectively owned broadcaster is trying hard enough to deliver spectacular drama. I feel this is reaffirming, but not artistically anywhere good enough to meet our high standards.


Casanova (2005)

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David Tennant charms and flirts your pants off on in this 3-part BBC miniseries. At last, Casanova is full of cheek and naughtiness and is only tragic where it serves the story’s purpose. It’s a proper bit of fiction in the sense that this series isn’t forcedly trying to make legend took like fact. Instead, it’s focused entirely on the charming and talented cast.

Peter O’Toole is the old Casanova who makes the young and curious girls he’s telling his life story to blush. His younger self, Tennant, befriends Henriette (Laura Fraser), a girl perhaps even cheekier than himself. Their adoration for each other can never become more than that because she must marry Grimani (Rupert Penry-Jones), thus Casanova’s adventures continue.

BBC’s Casanova is a delicious and feisty watch. Have fun.

Here’s a clip for lack of a proper trailer. The first minute or two will give you enough of an impression.

Single Father (2010)

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Another amazing BBC miniseries was made last year, and this one is seriously heart-shredding. Actor David Tennant, perhaps feeling he needs to prove himself as more than ‘just’ the greatest Doctor in history, has you glued to the screen even though the story itself has all the ingredients for a soppy cliché-ridden girlie tear jerker. Instead, it’s pure stupendous acting and writing. Torn between love and grief, Single Father shows nothing less than all that is insanely and beautifully human. This is one of those productions that proves that British TV drama has never been as good as it is today.

I chose to share this clip below rather than the trailer, because events are best kept unknown (I’m advising against watching the trailer anyway and reading reviews full of spoilers here). Just watch it.

Oh, yes: grown men might need tissues too.

Doctor Who (2005-)

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Despite the series being immensely popular in the UK, I say The Doctor is the cultest super-hero around. The guy is +900 years old, can travel through space and time, flies around in a blue box which is bigger on the inside, has no weapon but a bleepy screwdriver… should I go on?

Originally one of the first sci-fi series around, Doctor Who is now a shiny state-of-the-art family TV-show and, well, a part of what defines Britain. The new series began in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor, who died and regenerated into the body of much adored David Tennant. The latter was chosen ‘Best Doctor Ever’ and made three and a half seasons. Now it’s Matt Smith – a new Doctor, who didn’t only change body, but much of The Doctor’s character too. The opinions on the latest Doctor vary, and I can’t say I’m much in favour of the new guy. Where Eccleston and Tennant were undisputed geniuses with a tortured soul, a romantic heart and a touching sense of humour, Smith is this 900 year old guy who keeps needing to remind himself of who he is. He is rather too clumsy for a super-hero and he says ‘iew’ when people kiss.

Nevertheless, five amazing seasons were made, and the new seasons are still very entertaining (albeit sometimes a wee bit predictable). By now, The Doctor and his friends have seen the Earth being annihilated, they’ve seen many versions of future New Yorks, they’ve met Queen Victoria and werewolves, Shakespeare and alien witches, they’ve solved the mystery of the four day disappearance of Agatha Christie, they met Charles Dickens and found where he got his idea for A Christmas Carol, the Doctor got to play the Ghost of Christmas past, present and future, he got to snog Kylie Minogue too, oh and Sophia Myles as Madame de Pompadour as well. I’m genuinely envious of everyone who hasn’t seen all of this yet.