The ‘review’ bit in the title is a bit of an overstatement to be honest. I just thought it sounds really nice. But actually, this blog mainly recommends series and films that I love; I briefly explain why and post a trailer. Very simple indeed. Sometimes I deviate: I might have some opinions to share, making it more of a review. Occasionally I’ll feel the urge to write negative critique – but only if I think somebody really should. It’s much more fun to share all those beautiful, surprising and original films and series made. Besides, those are the ones that deserve to be watched.

The Bella Review is only about British drama (including co-productions) for now. At some point I may expand to European cinema. I don’t review US and Hollywood productions, since I think there’s enough focus on those already, whereas European viewers are often oblivious of great UK productions. British readers might find it hard to believe, but many on the continent have never heard of gems like Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, Spooks, or even the blatantly obvious: Doctor Who. Let alone series like State of Play, the Cambridge Spies and Exile.

In my view, any good story well told is amazing. It doesn’t have to be art-house and it may be complex or terribly simple. I still have this very long list of good things to recommend on here, so not everything I adored is represented yet. If you have any suggestions, please do tell.


  1. Hi there,

    Hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I work for Grapevine Digital who specialise in online PR and promotions for films and entertainment. I just wanted to get in touch for one of our upcoming releases which I think would be right up your street. ‘A Royal Affair’ is out on 15th June and follows the story of the English born queen of Denmark, Caroline Mathilda. It is a really beautifully told period drama. We have a screening of the film on Tuesday 8th May in London and I wondered if you would be free to attend?

    Would be great to hear your thoughts.

    All the best,

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