The Politician’s Wife (1995)

In political, Recommendation, Review, series on 13/10/2012 at 11:07 pm

So, not all drama made in the 1990s was mediocre, this 3 part Channel 4 diamond proves it. Also, do you remember what mobile phones looked like back then? And the hair – please can we never have the hairdos back. Please.

Frolicking aside – The Politician’s Wife is the enthralling story of Flora (Juliet Stevenson) and what happens after her conservative MP husband Duncan (Trevor Eve) becomes the focal point of a political sex scandal: apparently he was shagging a former escort (in the tempting shape of Minnie Driver). It’s a simple starting point, but don’t be fooled. Flora isn’t a simple character and Stevenson admirably makes her profound and real. What follows is lots of political intrigue and even more power play, set against the society and the politics of the time. The well written plot engages throughout, and Flora is just ordinary enough to relate to and out-of-the-ordinary enough to then baffle, then amaze.

The Politician’s Wife also digs quite deeply into the intimate workings of the Conservative Party, which if you’re anything like me, is quite interesting because I generally fail to understand the relationship between said party and actual human beings.

The Politician’s Wife is available on 4od, DVD and on YouTube in full. Sorry to say there is no trailer for it.



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