Kill List (2011)

In Crime, film, Horror, Review on 10/05/2012 at 11:57 pm

A little film that is certainly excellent for being something else entirely,  highly upsetting at some points, shows some very engaging acting – and ends with a shaky finale.

Kill List follows best friends and Iraq military veterans Gal (Michael Smiley) and Jay (Neil Maskell) on their new assignment as hitmen. Refreshingly, there’s no guns-a-blazing quasi super-heroic nonsense here: they are perfectly average pals. Jay, his lovely wife Shel (MyAnna Buring) and their kid Sam are a close family with day-to-day troubles and rows over money. Gal is a loveable lonely old sod who brings a new girlfriend to dinner and her role is blatantly dubious from the start. Gal also loves his friend Shel more than anything in the world. Besides this, the two guys just happen to make their living as hitmen.

The story subtly progresses from a fun kind of tense to creepily unsettling, all spurred by Jay’s inability to keep his killing urges under control. He is the destroyer of all, from beginning to end. This is all done very well, until the bit where it’s supposed to become a real horror flick and it contradicts human nature instead. Without spoilers: people don’t run towards firing guns. Ever. It just doesn’t happen. Then the ultimate finale upsets and shocks, but it’s completely void however you choose to look at it. It doesn’t reveal the drive behind the plot: it remains unknown why the people on the list were to be killed and what the motives of the instigator are, or anything about protagonist Jay: we already know he is anything but the master of his violent reflexes.

That said and ranted, Kill List is interesting and intriguing. Still well worth the watch.



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