Just Henry (2011)

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This brand new ITV Christmas drama makes for a very charming winter watch. Just Henry is a coming-of-age tale based on the Michelle Magorian YA novel, which in the end is about what Henry (Josh Bolt) finds out truly matters in life. You can probably guess the answer, which is also why it’s perfect for snuggling up beside the fire. Mind you, it’s in no way soppy. It’s a beautiful story played by an extremely able cast.

Henry, a teenage boy in a confounded post WWII Britain, tries to find his identity amidst his torn family. His mother (the charming and talented Elaine Cassidy) remarried a kind man because Henry’s father (Stephen Campbell Moore) supposedly died a war hero. His grandmother (Sheila Hancock) pours vermin onto the fragile new family relationship by attempting to turn the young lad against his mother and stepfather (Dean Andrews). The plot really takes off when young Henry receives his father’s war medal in the post and Henry begins asking questions about what really happened.

If you’re outside of the UK and can’t catch up on ITV: the DVD is released on Amazon. For lack of a trailer, watch the whole film directly here on ITV:

Happy midwinter festivities from The Bella Review.


  1. In the interests of correct credits, Michelle Magorian wrote the original Costa Book Prize winning novel, Just Henry – Michael Chaplin adapted the screenplay for the 2011 ITV drama.

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