Wuthering Heights (1993)

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Emily Bronte’s famous and influential 1847 novel has been adapted for the screen a number of times and they’ve done it again recently. However, a very reliable source urgently warned me off this new attempt, so I’ll do the same for you and instead direct our attentions towards a worthy adaptation. This 1993 production is an absolutely amazing tribute to the masterful tale of Wuthering Heights. There are also very funky hairdos to admire (they failed to keep the 1990s out of the 1840s, it’s hilarious).

I couldn’t have thought up a better Heathcliff than the young Ralph Fiennes, and what a treat to see Juliette Binoche as Cathy! Heathcliff’s character is frightfully tricky because he is the object of Cathy’s desire as well as the antagonist in the sense that he is a very nasty person. Fiennes and his piercing blue eyes luckily possess the remarkable ability to play absolute bastards and still make you sympathise with them (although I wonder if he has the same effect on straight men, let me know?). Binoche plays both Catherine the mother and the daughter superbly, adding just that little extra charm with a hint of a French accent.

In my memory (I read this classic a very long time ago) Wuthering Heights was a somewhat tragic love story with something about a ghost. This great film revived the entire novel for me, bringing back to life how thrilling, original, dark and generally genius this tale is. It deserves to be read and watched many, many more times.



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