Worried about the Boy (2010)

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Boy George that is. This film grabs you by the delicates from beginning to end, taking you on a glam-ride through 1980s London with the very young and yet undiscovered George O’Dowd, pivoting round the drug related crisis period before the big breakthrough of Culture Club.

The make up and costumes are above stunningly well done and the dramatisation by writer Tony Basgallop certainly deserves credit. A lot went on in George’s life in very little time, it’s tough to pick out the bits to elaborate on and what to leave in the shadows. Rising star Douglas Booth does such a convincing job at being George (apart from being prettier) I have no doubt we will see much more of him shortly. There are some surprising appearances by Mark Gatiss as Sex Pistols manager Malcom McLaren and the young Freddie Fox as the ever so feminine Marilyn.

There isn’t much to love about the rough, shoulder-padded, Thatcherite London of the 1980s, but perhaps the movement started by George and his friends, known later as New Romantic, is one of the sparse lovable things of that era. They certainly brought colour – and not to forget androgyny – into night-life. Also, while Boy George has been notoriously vague about his sexuality, this film makes no secret of his being gay.

If this is the BBC making a habit of bringing us fantastic dramatisations of the lives of influential people, I’m all for it.

Here’s the bit where David Bowie visits the Blitz – the night club where George works in the cloakroom.


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