Heaven (2002)

In Amazing, Crime, film, Law, Recommendation, Review, romantic on 07/11/2011 at 11:25 am

Yet another reason to love Cate Blanchett. Heaven tells the story of Philippa, an English teacher set out to avenge her husband’s death of a drug overdose. The Italian drug baron she holds responsible must pay with his life. In Turin, all doesn’t go according to plan and we find a woman torn by grief, consumed by determination and led by love and a great sense of injustice.

From a story about fanaticism driven by personal loss, it takes a quite different turn when Philippa’s interpreter Filippo (Giovanni Ribisi) falls in love with her and decides to take charge of the situation.

Blanchett has been labelled ‘the Australian dramatic chameleon’ for her ability not only to tackle parts varying from Queen Elizabeth I to Bob Dylan, but also for capturing an astounding array of human emotions within a single scene. In Heaven she gives life to an immensely complex and terrifyingly human character – despite all its extremities. It makes Heaven an utterly gorgeous watch.

The trailer didn’t do much for me and contains rather many spoilers. Here’s a clip – also harbouring some spoilers- but then it’s such a good scene that I’m hoping you won’t mind. Lots of this in Italian. But I don’t speak Italian and I got every single word, so most of you should be fine without subs.


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