Camelot (2011-)

In Recommendation, Review, romantic, series, supernatural on 07/10/2011 at 9:04 pm

The BBC made Merlin, that great family adventure drama about the wizard Merlin and prince Arthur, and then just to confuse you, this lot went and made the same thing quite different and it’s called Camelot. This new series’ description should exclude the word ‘family’ as it contains generous portions of nudity (mostly Eva Green’s tits, which as we know from The Dreamers, isn’t a terrible thing at all). If you’ve ever watched series like Rome or The Tudors, you’ll get my drift.

As I said, Eva Green is in it as the young Arthur’s (Jamie Campbell Bower) evil step-sister Morgan, which already makes the cast well starry – but then the (refreshingly not so righteous but tortured) figure who is Merlin is played by Joseph Fiennes. This telling of the myths surrounding Camelot, Arthur, Lancelot, Guinevere and the rest of the bunch is grim and desperate at times, yet highly entertaining, fast-paced and naturally full of intrigue, power-play, romance and magic. It’s expectedly plot-driven (it’s tense because you want to know what happens, not because of the subtle dialogue) but sticks to the rules of good drama well enough to appreciate it as a qualitative guilty pleasure.

Apologies for the disturbingly tacky voice-over on the trailer. That’s due to the US production company Starz who provided the bucket-loads of cash to make this thing.

  1. looking forwards to watching it. great review Isabel! thnx 🙂

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