Eden Lake (2008)

In Horror, Recommendation, Review on 06/09/2011 at 10:48 pm

First of all, don’t even watch the trailer if you’re squeamish. Second, it may not look like it in the beginning, but this horror turned out to be surprisingly good and is much worth the watch. Oh- and one more thing: if you’re going camping in the near future, do yourself a favour and watch something else. Please.

So I’m not a horror pundit at all, but I very much believe that a good film has nothing at all to do with its genre. I did have to elbow my way through the beginning, where Michael Fassbender does a truly spectacular job at being a shite actor for some reason. His character Steve and girlfriend Jenny (Kelly Reilly) are going on a camping trip on Eden Lake. Here, the dialogue is soppy and the acting is unconvincing, which is a shame because you kind of need to ‘feel the love’ between the two for the disaster to kick in later on.

But, the story does make up for the dramatical glitches. Eden Lake is a very unlikely story, not because of any nightmarish fantasy monsters, but because the enemies are rather average teenagers. Teenagers with a messy background, bottled up frustrations, a big scary dog and a charismatic albeit very aggressive leader in the shape of  Brett (Jack O’Connell). The teens are the stars of this movie, beyond doubt – and O’Connell really makes it work. He plays the ultimate baddie – yes- but he remains so very human. He doesn’t go psycho murderer with an axe on you and still does very very VERY bad things (which I won’t tell you about right now) and gets others to do them too. Now that is where this film is pretty unique.

Also, without spoiling anything for anyone, I can say that the final half hour makes this film as good as it is. The tension build-up is absolutely amazing.




  1. I’ll be honest, that looks as scary as it looks good. I’m rather tempted…

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