Toast (2010)

In BBC, feel good, film, period drama, Recommendation on 27/08/2011 at 3:52 pm

Toast is the only thing Nigel’s mum makes well. All other edibles come from tins as she’s a disastrous cook with a fresh food phobia. Nigel loves his mum all the same, but goes through his early years yearning for proper food  and an eagerness to learn how to cook.

This very well made coming-of-age story, based on real childhood memories (I won’t say whose, it’s more fun that way), slaps the viewer around a bit, making you happy one moment and intensely sad the next. They did an amazing job at finding two young actors to play the ten-year-old boy and the sixteen-year-old boy so well, hardly noticing the change of cast even though Nigel has a very outspoken character. Also, Helena Bonham Carter does a wonderful viscous slag of a stepmother.

I’ll say no more about this wonderful film. Enjoy it, and don’t watch on an empty stomach!

(trailer contains spoilers)


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