The First Men In the Moon (2010)

In based on novel, BBC, feel good, film, out of this world, period drama, Recommendation on 27/07/2011 at 7:37 pm

A BBC Four adaptation of H.G. Wells’ beautiful tale of who really were the first men to fly off to the moon.

First of all, the cuteness factor of this film is tremendously high. This probably isn’t suitable for sci-fi pundits. The tale – just think aliens instead of fairies and it’s a fairy tale – is one deserving to be told and retold as many times as possible, for it’s such a perfectly fantastic story.

The film begins with a little boy who gets lost on a fairground and meets a very, very old man. It’s 20 July 1969 and the first moon landing in history is about to take place. The old man, however, begs to differ, and he tells the young boy about his adventures. The story is as magical as it is because it takes on human prejudice, it deals with greed as an incentive, overcoming natural fear, and finally, how knowledge can create as well as destroy entire societies.

Mainly though, The First Men in the Moon is just a lot of fun.




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