Hawking (2004)

In Amazing, BBC, film, out of this world, period drama, Recommendation on 24/07/2011 at 3:16 pm

This BBC film tells the story of Stephen Hawking’s first years of great accomplishment at Cambridge, which coincided with the emergence of the auto neurone disease that left him almost completely paralysed today.

Even if time, space and the beginning of the universe aren’t your favourite topics, this film is a beautiful watch. Benedict Cumberbatch, who won a Golden Nymph and was nominated for a BAFTA for this part , plays a convincing and compelling young Stephen Hawking as he is confronted with this terrible disease and quite rapidly loses control over his muscles. I had to watch an episode of Sherlock to convince myself that Cumberbatch is still quite capable of walking and talking as well as any healthy person.

The now celebrity theoretical  physicist and cosmologist  Hawkins gained fame with his contributions to science, mainly to do with gravity, black holes, the Big Bang theory, the time-space continuum and other things we still no too little about. Needless to say, this scientist has been a great inspiration to all science-fiction writers since the late 1960s.  He is now almost entirely paralysed and communicates through a device which he can only operate with his cheek.




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