Silk (2010)

In Amazing, Crime, Law, Recommendation, Review, series on 23/07/2011 at 4:40 pm

An impressive six part series written by Peter Moffat, mainly about two barristers battling for Silk status (or QC – a much desired position of privilege in law acquired by merit).

Martha Costello (Maxine Peake) is an arrantly dedicated defence lawyer who holds strong beliefs in the workings of the system. Her convictions are often challenged, as is the path she needs to follow to take Silk. Her more playful colleague, the womanising Clive Reader (Rupert-Penry-Jones), while prodding and teasing Martha’s ways, ends up facing his own existential challenges. Perhaps equally important to this drama series are the two interesting and handsome young pupils, Nick (Tom Hughes) and Niamh (Nathalie Dormer).

The focus on Silk lies on the drama, not on the criminal justice system. The pace of this series is quite high (that means you need to pay attention not to lose the plot) and it takes highly unexpected turns. What worked out best (hence my mentioning the writer) is the immediate impact the characters make. Only half way through the first episode, all four of them get to you. Each of them with their own charms, faults and quirks.

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