Sherlock (2010-)

In Amazing, BBC, Crime, Recommendation, Review, series on 20/07/2011 at 11:42 pm

When Arthur Conan Doyle created Sherlock Holmes in 1887, he surely would have never ever have imagined the amount of times this hero’s stories would be told, over and over and over again, on stage, on the radio, in film and on television. He would certainly be positively flabbergasted, if not baffled and confounded too, to learn that Sherlock is now in possession of an iPhone.

BBC’s terrific new series created by Steven Moffat was an instant success, with the first episode pulling 7,5 million UK viewers. Rightfully so, because modernising such a legendary nineteenth century character without altering it disturbingly is quite an art. The credit goes to rising star Benedict Cumberbatch, who is an overwhelmingly charming and astoundingly intelligent yet chilly, pigheaded and arrogant Sherlock Holmes. Martin Freeman is Dr John Watson precisely how he should be.  Meanwhile, it’s London in 2010: there’s CCTV, modern policing, smart-phones; all of it. Big kudos to the production designers who maintained Sherlock’s style without making him look old-fashioned or stuffy.

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