An Education (2009)

In Amazing, feel good, film, period drama, Recommendation, romantic on 17/07/2011 at 10:06 pm

Danish director Lone Scherfig and writer Nick Hornby made a film about a young girl who is seduced by an older man and falls in love with him. Lolita-esque: yes. Another coming-of-age tale: indeed. A very good film? That too.

Teenage girl Jenny (Carey Mulligan) is a very talented musician as well as bored out of her mind, until she meets this interesting grown-up character who seems to open all possibles doors to an exciting and sizzling life. An Education shows two sides of the 1960s: the stuffy, conservative environment of Jenny’s parents and teachers, and the daring, emancipated and glamorous world of her older seducer David (Peter Sarsgaard) and his friends Helen (Rosamund Pike) and Danny (Dominic Cooper). A film full of beautiful characters, great acting and delicious production design, which is also a well told, moving story. That’s quite a lot of kudos I’d say.


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