Jekyll (2007)

In Amazing, BBC, Recommendation, series on 13/07/2011 at 9:05 pm

Rarely have I seen a miniseries as outrageously brilliant as Jekyll. Most of this awesomeness can be accredited to James Nesbitt, the Irish actor who pulls off playing both modern versions of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (for which there is no excuse for not reading, by the way) with near to no trickery. The gentle husband and dad Dr Tom Jackman and his uninvited maniac alter-ego Hyde share the same body, but not the same life. The Hyde character is frightening and immensely cruel as well as terribly funny and sometimes even devilishly attractive.

Both Jekyl and Hyde remain equally interesting and the plot is utterly unpredictable. The intriguing question throughout is: can Jackman/Jekyll survive Hyde?

PS. Wouldn’t recommend watching this alone at night.


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