The Dreamers (2003)

In period drama, political, Recommendation, romantic on 06/07/2011 at 4:51 pm

Paris student riots, 1968. Bertolucci‘s The Dreamers starts out as a story about a naive American kid (Michael Pitt) who gets his prudish morals turned up-side-down by his two new French friends, twin brother and sister Isabelle (Eva Green) and Theo (Louis Garrel). As they spend more time together in the sibling’s house (the parents have gone on a holiday), the story of this threesome gets more intense and perverse.

This film was described as a love letter to the late 1960s in Paris, and it definitely is. That’s to say, it isn’t realistic in any way, but it’s a very intriguing, sometimes touching, terribly sexy and generally insane tribute to all the extremes of that time and place. Besides, Isabelle and Theo are obsessed with cinema and do hilarious re-enactments of well-known classics that are worth the watch for any cinephile.

I highly recommend drinking lots of red wine with this film.

The Dreamers is a French-Italian-British co-production in English. Only if your French is entirely non-existent, you’ll want subtitles for the few non-English dialogues.


  1. […] as it contains generous portions of nudity (mostly Eva Green’s tits, which as we know from The Dreamers, isn’t a terrible thing at all). If you’ve ever watched series like Rome or The Tudors, […]

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