The Shadow Line (2011)

In Amazing, BBC, Crime, new, Recommendation, series on 01/07/2011 at 6:08 pm

The thin line between good and evil; cops and robbers; legal and illegal, that’s the shadow line. This brand new seven part criminal drama has great big emphasis on good drama: brilliant acting and narrative plot. The police and the crooks play equally important parts and being on ‘the dark side’ of the shadow line doesn’t necessarily mean being a villain, nor is a policeman always saintly.

For clarity’s sake: this isn’t a detective drama, so there’s no case to be solved in every episode. It’s ongoing: watch the series from beginning to end.

The series’ most impressive villain is beyond doubt Jay Wratten (Rafe Spall), also look out for the capable likes of Christopher Eccleston and Stephen Rea

  1. […] This film, written as a play originally by Barrie Keeffe, is an exceptionally daunting example of what SUS can turn into. As it is claustrophobically set in a single room, it heavily relies on the acting abilities of Clint Dyer (husband Delroy) and police ruffians Ralph Brown and Rafe Spall (also an excellent villain in The Shadow Line). […]

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