The Promise (2010)

In Amazing, new, political, Recommendation, Review, series on 01/07/2011 at 6:52 pm

The Promise is a quite stunning four part miniseries that tries to make sense of one of the most complicated, sensitive and highly disputed bits of reality in modern history: Israel and Palestine.

A young London girl called Erin (Claire Foy) joins her best friend Eliza to Israel. The friend has (very well off) family there and the protagonist expects to enjoy a nice beach holiday while Eliza serves in the Israeli army. Erin found her grandfather Len Matthew’s (Christian Cooke) diary and brought it along . He was a sergeant in the British army stationed in Palestine during and after WWII. The story moves between past and present. Erin finds out that her grandfather wronged an Arabic friend in some way and she desperately tries to set it right, getting herself into more than risky situations.

What The Promise tells, more than anything else, is that no story has but one truth. In past as well as present, opposing parties can be obviously right and blatantly wrong at once. There isn’t an ‘escape’ button out of the situation for anyone.

What this series can achieve at least is give us all a bit of a wake up call. People seem to naturally get used to any conflict and grow numb. Many people think Tel Aviv is a great holiday destination. I can promise you this: after watching The Promise, it isn’t.


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