Spooks (2002-)

In Amazing, BBC, political, Recommendation, Review, series on 01/07/2011 at 6:06 pm

Nine years and seasons on and it’s still good. Not many series can pull this off, especially not high-pace, complex and political dramas like Spooks. Well actually, there is no other series like it.

Spooks is a nickname for British members of Her Majesty’s Secret Service, also known as MI5 and MI6, and it refers to spies. The series began when the latest Iraq war broke out and its writers never failed to incorporate current global affairs in their plots. Spooks even dealt with the credit crunch before people even realised it was going on.

What Spooks achieves and accordingly made it so successful, if you ask me, is that it succeeded in being a good drama series on its own. The series’ heroes are continuously struggling to find ways to deal with their impossible lives. When entering the Service they need to surrender a part of their humanity. After that, they need to struggle to hold on to it at times.

As said, it’s high-pace and complex, so you need to focus to keep track. It’s also ruthless to viewers (yes, your favourite spook might very well die) and it ignores political correctness when it comes to picking bad guys. They do love to mock the Americans.


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