Skins (2007-2010)

In Amazing, hilarious, LGTB, new, Recommendation, Review, series on 01/07/2011 at 6:44 pm

Skins has gone and reinvented itself, and it actually works out very well. Where we started off with four series of intense, hyper-real and extravagantly funny teen drama, it strolled into a slur for the last couple of series, but now made an unexpectedly different and good comeback in a slightly different form.

We’re still watching intense drama, but instead of focusing on a group of young friends, we are pulled into the lives of only one of the characters from the earlier series, a couple of years on. They’ve left school and started their lives, or at least they’re trying to. The twin episodes allow for good narrative from beginning to end, they are well made close-ups of these beautifully written characters. Effie (Kaya Scodelario), Cassie (Hannah Murray) and Cook (Jack O’Connel)are an exaggeration of all of us because they are more fucked up than most of us (I hope) – but how they cope with being on their own, with being a grown up, and with messing it up is as frank and human as it gets.

Trailer for series 7.



  1. […] an unpopular teenager who is terrorised by his stuck-up sister Anna (Lily Loveless – Skins), is haunted by apocalyptic dreams and he soon finds out that he can see the Fades – as well […]

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