Merlin (2008 -)

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It is, I believe, almost impossible not to like this series. Anyone who ever loved a good fairytale is bound to gobble up this delicious children’s series with delight, and it happens to be equally entertaining for grown-ups.

The young wizard Merlin (Colin Morgan) is young prince Arthur’s (Bradley James) servant at the time his authoritarian and magic-despising father Uther (Anthony Head, one of Britain’s greatly undervalued actors) rules Camelot. Arthur is terribly arrogant and treats his servant like dirt most of the time and Merlin secretly saves his master’s behind time after time. Magic is forbidden, so he must tread oh-so carefully. Meanwhile, there are dragons, witches and ancient secrets to be dealt with.
As the series is based on a much loved and million times over interpreted myth – as opposed to historical fact- the retelling is loose. I like that Merlin and Arthur are the same age, even though the legends dictate otherwise. Also, Gwen (Angel Coulby) being a black servant surely makes for good drama.

Season 4 hits the living rooms on Saturday 8 October at 8pm (GMT) on BBC One.

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