Cemetery Junction (2010)

In feel good, film, period drama, Recommendation, Review on 01/07/2011 at 6:32 pm

How terrifying the 1970s in some Reading suburb could be (in a socially suffocating manner, this is a comedy, not a horror). Three young adults struggle to find their paths in life in a place nobody ever seems to be able to escape: a town called Cemetery Junction. All the ‘elders’ are terribly narrow-minded bigots and sexists who only care about money. The worst of them all, the perceived as successful big man of a life-insurance company, is Mr Kendrick. A brilliant heartless prick played by Ralph Fiennes.
Of course, the villain Kendrick has a beautiful daughter who is engaged to the life insurance company’s snakiest salesman. One of the three youngsters, Freddie (Christian Cooke), is actually in love with her and needs to find out what is really important to him in life. His friends, easy on the eyes but two-fisted Bruce (Tom Hughes) and clumsy ‘Snork’ have their own obstacles to overcome.
This is a very entertaining tale, which tells a lot about a time many viewers now haven’t experienced themselves. The only thing that could be tedious is that the story-line is utterly predictable. It sticks to all Hollywood’s rules.

Oh yes, written and directed by Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais, the latter also plays Freddie’s dad.


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