Burn Up (2008)

In future, political, Recommendation, Review, series on 01/07/2011 at 6:05 pm

A dystopian global warming / political thriller very much worth the watch. It’s a two-part miniseries, or rather, one very long film, dealing with the biggest problem the world is effectively facing, but not dealing with at the moment: Oil. We are polluting the face of the Earth off for one, and we could very well be running out of it, too. International relations, capitalism and the market economy as ideologies, the future of humankind and nature and industrial crime all come together. This and some additional fictitious yet probable problems make ‘the oil question’ seem more urgent than ever.

Burn Up is a Canadian-UK co-production starring Rupert Penry-Jones (Tom) and Neve Campbell (Holly) and Mark Warren (Philip). Tom was recently made head of a fictional oil company like Shell or BP, after his father-in-law retired. He starts off as a real corporate capitalist who only cares about making profit. Holly is in charge of renewable energy within this company, but of course that’s just a PR effort.  The more truth surfaces about the damage the corporation is doing, the more Tom’s conscience is nagged and pestered by it. The drama works towards a big climate change summit, where the British government surreptitiously tries to move the US towards ratifying ‘Kyoto 2’. Meanwhile, other intelligence of tremendous global urgency has surfaced, urging Tom to make a decision about what side he is on: the oil baddies, or the rest of humankind.


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